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Forms of Communication on the Internet - A Very Brief Introduction

The Web


Pages link to pages by the same author, individual or organisation as well as other pages that the page-author has chosen to link to. Some pages have access restricted by password. Some allow anyone to register to obtain a password.

Search Engines

Search engines are widely used. They often contain small adverts in their pages.


Mailing Lists

If you subscribe to a mailing list then you will receive the same broadcasts by e-mail as all other members of the list (e.g., the Irish Emigrant newspaper mailing list). You will not be able to braodcast to the list yourself, however, there is always the posibility of mailing the list administrator to ask that something be posted to other members of the list.

Discussion Lists

These are like mailing lists in operation except that all subscribers are invited to post messages. They are forums for discussion. All messages posted to the list are mailed to all subscribers (assuming that they pass the monitor).


Like discussion lists except there is no process of subscription, nor is there a mailing list. Newsgroups are located virtually and can be viewed at your discretion. Anyone is free to look at any newsgroup. Messages are archived. Anyone can post anything to any newsgroup. Many people send bulk e-mails to disparate groups. Being in a specialist group does not necessarily protect you from anyone who thinks you will be interested in some product or their opinion about Elvis.
Public Access Newsgroups on the Web: by Yahoo (e.g. FEEDME)

To read about the nature of different newsgroups, look at this page here.


A forerunner of the web. One way of archiving data.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

A way of downloading information. It is also possible to download web pages and images directly from Web browsers.

IRC, talk, Webtalk, Video Conferencing

Ways of communicating with people in real time.

Other Introductions

24 February '98
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