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A world that won't embarrass its children and grandchildren
Universal human rights and democracy
Imagination and empathy
Biodiversity and better farm-animal welfare
Science, reason and risk analysis

The direct and indirect leading causes of death and disability

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What I am up to

My current work aims to improve media coverage of international development issues.

News and curios

Selected publications (including, Irish Times, The Guardian and letters to the Sunday Business Post and Time.

Andreja Volenec The Story of Virtue: Universal Lessons on How to Live

*The approach was made to Richard Humphreys, who was then assisting Labour Press Director Fergus Finlay with the preparation of the 1992 manifesto. Following the election, it was included in the Fianna Fail-Labour coalition's Programme for Government.
** Following pressure from domestic and development charities (some of the latter had lobbied prior to the 1995 legislation), the tax relief criteria were broadened in 1998 and 2001. A study by the Centre for Global Development (Roodman and Standley, 2006) found that Irish tax policy, including its low corporation tax, had increased private giving to development charities by $150m in 2003 alone.

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